Lisa and Fernando’s Wedding at Sacred Heart Catholic Church and Centro Asturiano de Tampa

Lisa and Fernando made their wedding day reflect the things they love and the future they are building together.  It turned out beautifully!  They chose a vintage theme for their wedding, with lanterns, books, and garland for the decor.  Lisa had fun putting together a lot of the decorations herself to create what she called an “old-fashioned wedding.”

The ceremony was held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church which has been Lisa’s church since she moved to Tampa.  The church’s history dates back to the early 1850s!  The reception was held at Centro Asturiano de Tampa which is on the National Register of Historic Places.  Having two historical venues fit the vintage theme of the day perfectly.

Lisa’s gown and her bridesmaids’ dresses were some of my favorite ever!  I love the romantic look of the lace.  Jason met Lisa at the church where, before the ceremony, Lisa and Fernando had a First Touch on opposite sides of a door.  They held hands and prayed together, which is the perfect way to start a wedding day!

The ceremony was a Nuptial Mass and it was sweet to see the looks the bride and groom exchanged and the happy smiles on their faces.  Afterward, Lisa, Fernando, and their wedding party took pictures around downtown Tampa before joining their guests for the wedding reception.  It was such a fun night!  Hidden Mickeys were placed around the reception to show the newlyweds’ love of Disney World.  The favors were jars of honey from Fernando’s family farm, and his uncle hand-filled all of the jars which made them even more special!  After the first dance and a blessing over the food, dinner was BBQ pork with beans.  Lisa and Fernando made a sundae and fed each other a bite of the ice cream instead of having a cake.  They didn’t want to do certain things just because it is tradition, which made their wedding show off their own style and what they care about!

We loved being part of this amazing day!  It was an honor.  Thank you to Lisa and Fernando for having Jason there to share in these memories with you!  God bless the two of you and your marriage!



  • Allure Boudoir Photography - Really nice photos and what a beautify bride!

  • Amanda - OMG. These photos are amazing. From the stained glass windows to the lightsabers. Just incredible!

  • Kirsty Mattson - Basically my dream wedding! Thanks.