We were tagged by Phillip Mackenzie!  How fun!  Well technically he tagged Jason but since he is gone at weddings all weekend, I am going to play instead.

4 things I did today (counting yesterday after midnight):

1.  Edited photos…and then edited more photos…

2.  Practiced playing football for my son’s first game tomorrow

3.  Prayed

4.  Held a toy skull up to the light so it would glow in the dark

4 things on my to-do list:

1.  Print and organize all of our family photos since I am almost a year behind!

2.  Go back and read the No Cry Sleep Solution to get some ideas for our youngest since it worked for our oldest

3.  As soon as the kids aren’t sick any more, plan another date night with Jason

4.  And of course, as always, edit photos

4 of my guiltiest pleasures:

1.  Having the house to myself for the day

2.  Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch

3.  Sleeping (yes, not just sleeping in, just sleeping at all when my to do list is always so long)

4.  Online shopping

4 random facts about me:

1.  According to my mom, I was born a month and a half after my due date

2.  I am a published writer

3.  I once worked doing piercings (nothing as interesting as it sounds)

4.  I have never gone to any professional sports game though I’m a big football fan

Now the game is to tag four other photographers!  So, tag Courtney, Erin and Chris, Camille, and Monica and Jacob, you’re it!

  • Chris Harvey - I see when have been tagged! We’ll make sure to keep up the chain and fill out the questions.

  • Erin Harvey - Thanks for tagging us! Darn it, I must’ve missed the last section. Oops!

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  • Monica - Okay I did it!

  • Monica - dratz, i also forgot that last part, where did that come from?? lol